Customer satisfaction

ADMG s.r.l. has very skilled technical staff with a large experience directly developped "on the field". Our technician are able to deal with all the problems regarding textile finishing starting from pre-treatment to dyeing, finishing far as special treatment.
The customers, pratically, can have a complete help about the various problems, which have been dealed daily, knowling that with ADMG technical personell they can find a valid interlocutor.
All ADMG technical stuff, besides keeping a regular commercial relationship with customers, is able to satisfy the multi-different requirements. like:
  • offer of high quality products
  • assistance about th recipes and support for studying new combination 
  • suggestion for an improvement of production process about the different textile articles 

All of this has done with perfect synergy,thanks to the availability of an applicatory laboratory well equipped, in which high qualified technicians work.
The laboratory devices are the most updated machinary available on the market today, in way to obtain a more and more reliable results closer to the industrial process.
The personell act in straight connection with the technical-commercial staff, sharing the problems and discussing the possible way of work and sometime doing industrial trials at the customer site. In this way the laboratory staff is able to updated about the current requirements of textile world and meanwhile to improve its technical skills.

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