NICHESPERSE E: small molecule dyes
 Nichesperse Yellow E-3G
 Nichesperse Orange E-3R
 Nichesperse Red E-R
 Nichesperse Red E-FB
 Nichesperse Blue E-FBL
NICHESPERSE SE: medium molecule dyes
 Nichesperse Yellow SE-3G
 Nichesperse Yellow SE-5G
 Nichesperse Yellow SE-4G
 Nichesperse Scarlet S E-3G
 Nichesperse Red SE-3B
 Nichesperse Rubine SE-GL
 Nichesperse Rubine SE-B
 Nichesperse Violet SE-R
 Nichesperse Blue SE-FBL
 Nichesperse Blue SE-2R
 Nichesperse Blue SE-3RT
 Nichesperse Navy SE-XSF
 Nichesperse Black SE-XSF

Shade card
NICHESPERSE S: big molecule dyes
 NichesperseYellow  S-7G
 Nichesperse Yellow S-6G
 Nichesperse Orange S-2R
 Nichesperse Red S-BEL
 Nichesperse Rubine S-2G
 Nichesperse Turquoise S-BG
 Nichesperse Turquoise S-BGL
 Nichesperse Blue S-R
 Nichesperse Navy S-2G

NICHESPERSE LB: brilliant and fluoerescent dyes
 Nichesperse Yellow LB-10G
 Nichesperse Pink LB-5B
 Nichesperse Red LB-G
 Nichesperse Red LB-B
 Nichesperse Turquoise LB-G
 Nichesperse Blue LB-R

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