NICHETHREN Vat dyes for dyeing and printing of cellulosic fibre
 NICHESPERSE Disperse dyes for dyeing and printing of polyester, acetate and poliamyde fibres
 NICHEZOL Vynilsulphone reactive dyes for cellulosic fibre
 NICHEFIX Bifunctional and Polyfunctional reactive dyes for cellulosic fibre
 NICHECION Monochlortriazine reactive dyes for dyeing of cellulosic fibre
 NICHECION P Monochlortriazine reactive dyes for printing of cellulosic fibre
 NICHEDIRECT Direct dyes for cellulosic fibre
 NICHECID Acid dyes for wool, silk and polyamide
 NICHENYL Acid, 1:2 Metal comples dyes and their mixtures for polyamide
1:1 and 1:2 Metal complex dyes for wool and silk
 NICHESOL Reactive dyes for wool
 MORDENTE Mordant dyes for wool
 ZOLFO Sulphur dyes for cellulosic fibre
 POLYCOTON Mixtures for piece and yarn dyeing of polyester/cellulosic fibre blend (67/33%)
 NICHECRIL Basic dyes for acrylic fibre
 NICHEPLAST Pigment dyes
 NICHEFAST Selected range for special effcts on cationized goods
 NICHEFOR Optical brightners

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