NICHEFIL wetting agents
NICHEWET detergents
NICHEPON wetting/detergents
NICHEDIS dispersing agents
NICHEGAL levelling agents
BUFFER buffers for acid and alkaline media
STABILIZZATORI stabilizers for peroxide
SEQUESTRANTI chelating agents
NICHESOFT softeners
NICHEFLEX finishing resins
NICHESTATantistatic agents
NICHESALdurable press finishing resins
NICHEFLON hydrophobe finishing resins
NICHEPRETdressing agents
NICHEGRIPripe inhibitors
NICHELUBEfold inhibitors, lubricants
FISSATORI agents for improving wet fastness
NICHEPRINT natural and syntetic thickeners for printing
NICHEZYM enzymes
NICHEDOX oxidation agents
RIDUCENTEreduction agents
NICHEBLOCfixers and blocking agents
SPECIALIfor special applications

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